Educational Tours to K’Gari (Fraser Island)

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K’gari is the largest sand island in the world!

It offers exceptional examples of perch lake, warm sub-tropical rainforest, mixed sclerophyllous forest and coastal heathland ecosystems including some world-famous examples like Lake McKenzie! The island has a rich cultural heritage shared in stories by the Butchulla people and is a special place for domestic and international tourists alike. There are so many reasons to explore this remote Queensland destination. Whether you’d prefer a 4×4 adventure or an inspired day trip, a curriculum-based field trip or one-of-a-kind experience, Second Nature offers a variety of tour options for school and university groups.

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What We Provide 

  • Award-winning educators/ facilitators
  • Itineraries and Flyers
  • Information Sessions at your school or university
  • Transportation options (we arrange flights where necessary and provide options for ground and water transport)
  • Accommodation options (we provide quotes to utilise the most affordable and most appropriate accommodation to suit your needs)
  • Catering options (all food is covered through our fantastic range of reliable third-party providers)
  • Curriculum-based work-booklets (where requested)
  • Pre/Post Tour Activities (usually a PPP)
  • Risk Assessment (location specific)

K’Gari Tours for School & University/TAFE Groups

Our Domestic Tours for school and university groups are all-inclusive, affordable and fully customised. Our tours to K’gari are optimised to support the following units or modules:


  • Year 10 Environmental Change and Management
  • Year 11 Planning Sustainable Places
  • Year 11 Tourism (VIC)
  • Year 12 Responding to Local Land Cover Transformations (QLD) or Changing the Land (VIC)
  • Year 12 Ecosystems at Risk (NSW)


  • Year 11 Biodiversity and the Interconnectedness of Life (QLD) or Biological Diversity (NSW)
  • Year 11 How do Living Things Stay Alive (VIC)
  • Year 11 Ecosystem Dynamics (NSW)

Earth and Environmental Science

  • Year 11 Earth’s Resources (NSW) and Human Impacts (NSW)
  • Year 12 Living on Earth (QLD)
  • Year 12 How can Biodiversity and Development be Sustained (VIC)

Tourism (QLD)

  • Year 11 The Travel Experience
  • Year 12 Sustainable Tourism
  • Tourist Destinations and Attractions (elective)
  • Tourism Marketing (elective)
  • Types of Tourism (elective)
  • Tourism Client Groups (elective)

Undergraduate (suggestions)

  • Ecology
  • Tourism

However, the flexible design of our Domestic Tours means itineraries can be adapted to fulfil curriculum requirements for any of the following subjects: Geography, Biology, Earth & Environmental Science, Marine Science, Investigating Science, Agricultural Science and Tourism. Educational institutions can experience one of our pre-existing itineraries or work with us to design an itinerary that perfectly suits their needs.

Destination Highlights

  • Lookout for dingoes from your custom Arkana as you cruise along 75-mile beach
  • Swim in the blue waters of Lake McKenzie, a perch lake at the centre of the island!
  • Wrap your arms around an enormous Satinay tree in the rainforest at Central station
  • Hike to the top of Indian Head for uninterrupted views of the island wilderness
  • Take a dip at Champagne Pools
  • Pose for a picture at the Maheno Shipwrecck
  • Float along Eli Creek under beautiful leaning Melaleuca trees
  • Race your friends down the slopes at Kirrar sandblow
  • Relax in the calming waters of Lake Wabby and Lake Boomanjin

More Information

Tour Outcomes
  • Understand how geographical processes have created a highly biodiverse ecosystem on K’gari
  • Measure the extent to which K’gari has been altered for tourism purposes
  • Find out where and to what extent K’gari has been damaged as a result of tourism activities
  • Collect primary data that can be represented using spatial technologies
  • Recognise the significance of the land and its resources to descendants of the Butchulla people
  • Understand the environmental, political, social and cultural effects of land cover change on K’gari
  • Investigate land management practices on K’gari
  • Identify major challenges that will need to be considered by land management teams’
Example Itinerary 1: K'Gari 3-Day Camp Program

Below is an example itinerary designed for the Year 12 Geography unit, “Responding to Land Cover Transformations”.


06:00 Depart school or university for Rainbow Beach
08:30 Arrive at Rainbow Beach service station for refuelling and Morning Tea
09:00 Depart Rainbow Beach for Inskip Point
09:45 Get on the barge at Inskip Point and travel to Hook Point, Fraser Island
10:00 Arrive at Hook Point and depart for Dilli Village
11:00 Arrive at Dilli Village to unpack gear and check in
11:30 Lunch at Dilli Village
12:15 Depart Dilli Village for Eurong Beach Resort
12:45 Arrive at Eurong Beach Resort
13:00 Field Work Session 1 (Disturbed Heathland) at Eurong Beach Resort
14:00 Talk from a Tourism Representative at Eurong Beach Resort
14:45 Drive north up the beach to our Undisturbed Heathland Site
15:00 Field Work Session 2 (Undisturbed Heathland). Afternoon Tea will be enjoyed during this Session
15:45 Depart 75-Mile Beach for Lake Birrabeen
16:30 Arrive at Lake Birrabeen. Afternoon tea will be enjoyed here.
17:00 Depart Lake Birrabeen for Lake Benaroon
17:15 Arrive at Lake Benaroon.
17:30 Depart Lake Benaroon for Dilli Village
18:30 Arrive at Dilli Village. Shower and free time before Dinner
19:30 Enjoy a delicious barbecue dinner
20:30 Evening Activity
21:30 End set day program.


07:00 Breakfast
08:00 Depart Dilli Village
10:00 Arrive at Indian Head. Morning Tea will be enjoyed here
10:45 Depart Indian Head
11:15 Arrive at Champagne Pools
12:00 Depart Champagne Pools
12:30 Lunch will be enjoyed at the food of Indian Head
13:00 Depart Indian Head
14:00 Arrive at The Pinnacles
14:15 Depart The Pinnacles
14:30 Arrive at the Maheno Wreck.
15:00 Depart Maheno Wreck
15:15 Arrive at Eli Creek for Field Work Session 3
16:00 Depart Eli Creek
16:30 Arrive at Kirrar Sandblow. Afternoon Tea will be enjoyed here
17:30 Depart Kirrar Sandblow
18:30 Arrive at Dilli VIllage
19:30 Dinner
20:30 Evening Activity
21:30 End set day program.

 DAY 3

07:00 Breakfast
08:00 Depart Dilli Village for Central Station
09:15 Arrive at Central Station for Field Work Session 4
10:00 Depart Central Station for Wanggoolba Creek
10:15 Arrive at Wanggoolba Creek for Field Work Session 5 (with Morning Tea)
11:00 Depart Wanggoolba Creek for Pile Valley
11:15 Arrive at Pile Valley for Field Work Session 6
12:00 Depart Pile Valley for Lake McKenzie, a tour highlight!
12:30 Arrive at Lake McKenzie. Lunch.
13:30 Depart Lake McKenzie for Dilli Village
15:00 Arrive at Dilli Village for pack up and check out
16:00 Depart Dilli Village for Hook Point
17:00 Get on the barge at Hook Point
17:15 Arrive at Inskip Point. Depart immediately for school or university
20:30 Arrive at school or university. End entire program.
Example Itinerary 2: 3-Day K'Gari Experience

Below is an example itinerary for an adventure on K’Gari


07:45 Depart Gold Coast
09:15 Stretch your legs at the Nudgee shops
10:30 Morning tea at Glass House Mountains Lookout for a view over the magnificent Glass House Mountains. Learn of the local Aboriginal Dreamtime story of the formation of this amazing landscape
13:15 Enjoy lunch at Rainbow Beach
14:30 Arrive at Inskip Point and cross via the barge to Hook Point; the most southern tip of Fraser Island
14:45 Drive along beautiful 75 Mile Beach to Wanggoolba Creek
15:45 Experience the crystal clear waters of Wanggoolba Creek as it meanders through the rainforest – it is the only place in the world where rainforest grows on sand!
16:15 Depart Wanggoolba Creek for Lake Birrabeen
16:45 Enjoy a swim in fabulous Lake Birrabeen. Birrabeen is one of several ‘perched’ lakes on Fraser Island. The landscape is so amazing – we guarantee you will never forget it!
17:45 Depart Lake Birrabeen for Eurong Beach Resort
18:15 Arrive and check-in Eurong Beach Resort
19:00 Enjoy a buffet dinner
20:00 Take an evening walk along 75 Mile Beach, the star-filled sky is truly amazing! We may even see some dingoes!
21:00 End set day program


07:00 Breakfast at Eurong Beach Resort
08:00 Depart Eurong Beach Resort for Eli Creek
09:00 Walk up-stream and then enjoy floating down the fresh cool-water stream of Eli Creek.  If you walk up far enough, you can even fill your water bottle with clean drinking water!
10:00 Depart Eli Creek for Indian Head. Along the way we stop to visit some great spots. See the Maheno shipwreck and enjoy the beautiful ‘coloured sands’ of The Pinnacles.
12:00 Arrive Indian Head. Walk up to the top and enjoy the amazing view. The water is so clear, we may even be able to see some sharks and dolphins!
12:45 Enjoy lunch down at the beach at Indian Head
13:30 Depart Indian Head for the Champagne Pools
14:00 Take a dip in the Champagne Pools and watch the sea crash over the rocks or relax and sun bath at these pools of volcanic rock
15:00 Depart the Champagne Pools for Rainbow Gorge (if time and tide permits)
16:15 Walk through low coastal scrub and sheltered cypress forest to the coloured sands at Rainbow Gorge
17:00 Depart Rainbow Gorge for Eurong Beach Resort
18:30 Arrive Eurong Beach Resort
19:15 Enjoy a buffet dinner
20:15 Free time after dinner. End set day program.


07:00 Breakfast at Eurong Beach Resort
08:00 Check-out Eurong Beach Resort and depart for Lake Wabby
08:30 Walk along the spectacular Hammerstone Sandblow to Lake Wabby
09:15 Enjoy a swim in this magnificent green-coloured freshwater lake. You may even see some Black Kingsfish!
10:30 Depart Lake Wabby back to the bus
11:15 Arrive bus and depart for the barge
12:30 Depart Fraser Island on barge
13:00 Arrive at Rainbow Beach and enjoy lunch
13:45 Drive along Rainbow Beach and see the multi-coloured sands
15:00 A stop to stretch your legs at Noosa
15:30 Depart for the Gold Coast
18:30 Arrive Gold Coast. End entire program.