Educational Antarctica Tours

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There is no more extraordinary place on Earth than the icy plains of Antarctica, the largest desert in the world!

From the 3ft king penguins of South Georgia Island to the ocean giants arriving at their Summer feeding ground, Antarctica offers a wealth of unforgettable sights. Second Nature offers customised tours to Antarctica departing from Australia and New Zealand. These tours represent a unique opportunity for students to be pushed out of their comfort zone and immersed completely in their natural surroundings.

What We Provide 

  • Award-winning educators/ facilitators
  • Itineraries and Flyers
  • Information Sessions at your school or university
  • Transportation options (we arrange flights and provide options for ground and/or water transport)
  • Accommodation options (we provide quotes to utilise the most affordable and most appropriate accommodation to suit your needs)
  • Catering options (all food is covered through our fantastic range of reliable third-party providers)
  • Curriculum-based work-booklets (where requested)
  • Pre/Post Tour Activities (usually a PPP)
  • Risk Assessment (location specific)

Antarctica Tours for School & University/TAFE Groups

Our International Tours for school and university groups are all-inclusive, affordable and fully customised. Tours to Antarctica are generally facilitated with an environmental or tourism focus depending on a school or university’s preferences.

Environmental Programs concentrate on immersion and adventure in exceptional natural environments. They allow contextual exploration of Environmental Management principles and deliver a strong conservation message.

Tourism Programs focus on the Tourism Industry including drivers, challenges and innovations. They investigate major tourist attractions from an economic and environmental perspective to evaluate the sustainability of current operations.

The flexible design of our International Tours means itineraries can be adapted to fulfil curriculum requirements for any of the following subjects: Geography, Biology, Earth & Environmental Science, Marine Science and Tourism. Schools or universities can experience one of our pre-existing itineraries or choose from a variety of incredible destinations to build a program that perfectly suits their needs.

Destination Highlights

  • Spy on the rare Hooker’s sea lion at Carnley Harbour (Auckland Islands)
  • Spot King, Rockhopper, Gentoo and Royal penguins at Macquarie Island
  • Wander amongst Adelie penguins at Cape Adare
  • Visit a Scientific Field Station at Ross Island!
  • Kayak between enormous glaciers
  • See the hilltop breeding sites of the Royal albatross at Campbell Island
  • Trek across pristine ice fields in snowshoes

More Information

Tour Outcomes
  • Enhancement of curricular learning through the contextualisation of course content
  • Appreciation for the diversity of cultures that exist on Earth
  • Respect for people who abide by different beliefs and cultural practices
  • Sense of adventure and a willingness to try new things (including food)
  • Independence in learning and problem solving
  • Expansion of vocabulary in one or more languages
  • Memories of a truly unique and life-changing experience
Example Itinerary: Ross Sea Explorer

Below is an example itinerary with a focus on the environments of Antarctica.

Day 1 Hobart (Australia) -> Invercargill (New Zealand)
Day 2 Southland Museum and Art Gallery. Transfer to Port of Bluff and board Ship
Day 3 North East Island (Snares Island Group)
Day 4 Auckland Islands archipelago: Carnley Harbour
Day 5 Auckland Islands archipelago: Enderby Island
Day 6 Bird Spotting and Information Sessions at Sea
Day 7-8 The incredible Macquarie Island (Australia)
Day 9-12 Southern Ocean Cruise with Bird Spotting and Information Sessions
Day 13-22 Antarctica’s Ross Sea Region. You may visit the following destinations depending on the sea, ice and weather conditions:

1.      Cape Adare

2.      Cape Hallett

3.      Terra Nova Bay

4.      Franklin Island

5.      Ross Island

6.      Ross Ice Shelf

7.      Possession Islands

Day 23-26 Travel to Campbell Island. Information Sessions offered on board
Day 27-28 Campbell Island: Perseverance Harbour and Royal albatross breeding site
Day 29 Southern Ocean Cruise and Final Recap
Day 30 Transfer to Invercargill from Port of Bluff (New Zealand).
Day 31 Invercargill -> Hobart (Australia)