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Second Nature Education offers fully-tailored incursions, excursions, domestic tours and international experiences to schools at an affordable price. We regularly deliver school groups to natural environments, urban areas, farming regions and tourist destinations throughout Australia and overseas.

Whether you are looking for a curriculum-based exercise or a unique multi-day experience for your Geography, Science or History class, our team of experienced Education Program Coordinators can work with you to design the perfect program. Let us take your students on a journey as close as the reserve behind your school, or as far as the Amazon or Sahara Desert!

What We Provide 

  • Award-winning educators/ facilitators
  • Itineraries and Flyers
  • Curriculum-based work-booklets
  • All relevant equipment (supplying up to 150x students per session)
  • Example assessment tasks
  • Transportation options (we provide quotes to utilise our own buses for every excursion and can purchase all relevant flights relating to your program where applicable)
  • Pre/Post Excursion Activities (usually a PPP)
  • Risk Assessment (location specific)
  • Variety of field-work locations (where available)
  • Accommodation options (we provide quotes to utilise the most affordable and most appropriate accommodation to suit your needs)
  • Catering options (we provide quotes to utilise our own in-house catering service for every excursion (where available) and/or catering through a third-party provider

Where Should I Begin?

Email the team at Second Nature Education using the address We are interested in:

  • The year level of your students
  • The number of students (this can be an approximation)
  • Roughly when you would like the program to take place
  • The type of program you are interested in running (i.e. incursion, excursion or tour)
  • The intended duration of the program (i.e. 1-2 hours, half-day, single or multi-day)
  • Any potential destinations or site visits you have in mind
  • Whether you would be interested in using our transport, catering and/or accommodation services
  • Any requirements or requests such as specialist speakers or workshops
  • Any other information that may guide us towards your ideal education program!

If you send us all of this information, a member of our team will get back to you with a quote along with customised program information in no time.

If you don’t know what kind of program you intend on running yet, simply describe the outcome you would like for your students. For example, you may want your excursion to cover a specific unit of study (e.g. Year 8 Geography Landscapes and Landforms). Alternatively, you may want your students to have a relaxing and fun bonding experience. Our staff are happy to discuss program options via email or over the phone and are available 7 days a week! We look forward to hearing from you.