7-10 Geology

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Second Nature Education offers an amazing variety of educational and experiential programs to a variety of geological landforms in: Queensland and New South Wales; throughout Australia; and overseas.

All our programs are either tailored to support relevant units within the new curriculum, or as specifically requested by our clients.

What we provide

  • Award-winning educators/ facilitators
  • Itineraries and Flyers
  • Curriculum-based work-booklets
  • All relevant equipment (supplying up to 150x students per session)
  • Example assessment tasks
  • Transportation options (we provide quotes to utilise our own buses for every excursion and can purchase all relevant flights relating to your program where applicable)
  • Pre/Post Excursion Activities (usually a PPP)
  • Risk Assessment (location specific)
  • Variety of field-work locations (where available)
  • Accommodation options (we provide quotes to utilise the most affordable and most appropriate accommodation to suit your needs)
  • Catering options (we provide quotes to utilise our own in-house catering service for every excursion (where available) and/or catering through a third-party provider

Secondary School (Yr 7-10) Programs)

Our Geology programs for years 7-10 have been specifically developed for units of study in Geography and Science. Each can however be tailored to a school’s needs. The programs are great fun and involve the exploration of a natural environment (excursions), or an exciting interactive PPP with classroom activities (incursions). An appreciation for the geological record at a specific destination as well as an understanding of tectonic processes that gave rise to a landform are key outcomes. These programs are delivered by passionate facilitators with specialist knowledge on (local) geology. The experiences can be delivered to complement the following units or modules:


  • Year 8 Landscapes and Landforms


  • Year 8 Earth and Space Sciences (QLD/VIC) or Earth and Space (NSW)

Trip Overview

Travel through time! On this adventure, you will learn about your local area’s geological record. You will sample rock units and use the information they contain to draw conclusions about different depositional environments that would have once existed at your program destination. If you are seeking a different approach to your geology study, we can design a program that is suitable for you.


  • Guided exploration of an amazing coastal or hinterland environment
  • Learning about the rock units underlying an area
  • Discovering the tectonic processes that gave rise to familiar landforms
  • Collecting rock samples
  • Interacting with ochre deposits and other mineral resources
  • Talk from a geologist or geomorphologist

More Information



  • 1-4 site visits
  • Guided walk/s
  • Rock classification activity
  • Presentation on local rock units (observable in natural environment)
  • Sampling rock units using hammer and chisel


  • An age-appropriate interactive PowerPoint presentation
  • Investigation of rock units underlying a local area
  • Rock classification activity using real samples from local rock units
  • Virtual Geology fieldwork (e.g. uncovering fossils in Triassic mudstone)
  • Quiz (with prizes!) to assess comprehension
Educational Outcomes
  • Awareness and knowledge of local rock units and formations
  • Understanding of tectonic processes that give rise to specific landforms
  • Differentiate between sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks in a natural setting
  • Learn how to ‘read’ the geological record and make conclusions about past deposition environments
  • A sense of connection to and feeling of stewardship towards a local place
  • Discover the applications of geological knowledge in everyday life

Below is an example itinerary for a 1-day Geology excursion. All excursion packages include the necessary work booklets and equipment.

08:15 Tour group pick- Second Nature have a fleet of vehicles available to cater for any number of passengers (within reason). We can provide transport to and from schools and airports
09:00 Arrive at Fingal Head Beach for Field Work Session 1  Here you will examine a deposit of rhyolite overlying hexagonal basalt columns. Learn about the volcanic past of your first field site.
09:45 Morning tea enjoyed on the beach
10:00 Depart Final Heads for Rainbow Bay 
10:45 Arrive at Rainbow Bay for Field Work Session 2 Here, we can observe the Neranleigh Fernvale Beds, which are an example of a metamorphic rock unit. Discuss their marine origins and the tectonic processes that shaped them.
11:45 Lunch at Rainbow Bay
12:30 Depart Rainbow Bay for Burleigh Heads
13:00 Arrive at Burleigh Heads for Information Session 1 Take a guided “Geology Walk” around Burleigh Headland. You will learn about the younger rock deposits underlying this unique coastal formation and the importance of some of the headland’s geological resources to its traditional owners.
14:00 Afternoon Tea at Burleigh Heads
14:15 Depart Burleigh Heads for school or airport
15:00 Arrive back at school or airport when required