3-6 Indigenous Artefacts Mobile Display

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Second Nature Education services schools all over Australia with their mobile tribal art and cultural artefact displays.

Students have the unique opportunity to touch/pass around hundred- (sometimes thousand-) year-old masks, tools, sculptures and instruments that were once used by the Indigenous people of the South Pacific Islands or of Australia and the Torres Strait. Second Nature’s facilitators have specialized knowledge on the use of these artefacts and tell stories of a culture lost in time through an engaging internal presentation.

What We Provide 

  • Award-winning educators/ facilitators
  • Interactive PPP
  • Incredible array of authentic Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander or South East Asian artefacts to display/pass around.
  • Rare books and other informative resources
  • Options for tourism, history or geography-linked extensions
  • All relevant equipment (e.g. craft supplies and boomerangs)
  • Catering options (we provide quotes to utilise our own in-house catering service

Primary School (3 – 6) Programs

Our 3-6 programs have been specifically developed for this age group, and for a variety of learning abilities. Our “My Cultural Suitcase” incursion offers an exploration of human expressions and emotions through the paradigm of South West Pacific island cultures. The presentation is aided by a spectacular array of tribal masks and sculptures. Alternatively, our “Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures” programs offer a detailed understanding and awareness of the key beliefs, values and social customs of Native Australians. These experiences can be delivered to complement the following units or modules:


  • Year 3 First Contacts
  • Year 6 Colonial and National


  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures
  • Asia and Australia’s Engagement with Asia

Incursion Overview

Your students won’t believe their eyes when a collection of museum-quality artefacts is laid out on their desks for this special presentation. They will pass around boomerangs, woomeras, coolamons and sculptures all with their own lessons on Indigenous Australian or South Pacific Island culture. This is an approach to a cultural study oriented on wonder and kinesthetic learning. If you are seeking a different approach to your study, we can tailor a presentation or excursion for you.


  • Learning about one of the earth’s oldest cultures
  • Touching hundred- (sometimes thousand-) year-old artefacts!
  • Tasting bush tucker (e.g. native bee honey, jaboticaba, etc.)
  • Hearing Dreamtime stories from a local Aboriginal elder
  • Boomerang (or ochre) painting activity!
  • Boomerang throwing (optional)

More Information

  • An age-appropriate interactive PowerPoint presentation
  • Samples of food traditionally eaten by Aboriginal or Melanesian people
  • A boomerang (or ochre) painting activity
  • Talks from representatives of a local Indigenous group
  • Authentic Aboriginal (or Melanesian) artefacts to display and/or pass around
  • Boomerang throwing (optional)
  • Guided walk through a nearby site recognized as a site of Aboriginal significance (optional)!
Educational Outcomes
  • Awareness and knowledge of Indigenous Australian and/or South West Pacific Island cultures
  • Appreciation for the diversity of languages and cultures that exist within Australia and/or the Pacific Islands
  • An understanding of the beliefs, values and customs of Indigenous Australian and/or Pacific Islander peoples
  • Awareness of the impacts of European settlement (or invasion) on Indigenous Australian and/or Pacific Island cultures
  • Respect for Indigenous Australian and/or Pacific Islander peoples and the knowledge they contribute to our society
  • A sense of connection to and feeling of stewardship towards Australia’s natural environment